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What can The Preschool Source do for you?

  • Design or create a program for your school
  • Help parent/staff relations
  • Increase your enrollment
  • Create marketing strategies for your school
  • Provide guidance on equipment and learning materials
  • Create learning materials for each age group in your school
  • Train directors in leadership
  • Workshops for teachers
  • Preschool management

The Preschool Source Strategies

Consultants Assist in Developing a Vision

  • Assist the clients in developing their vision
  • Create a compelling scenario of the future of child care
  • Create a sense of team purpose and individual learning objectives for clients
  • Share insights and facilitate understanding and open communication of learning

Consultants Show Entrepreneurship

  • Demonstrate passion and energy
  • Assist team in finding strategies using various sources of data and individual experiences
  • Communicate information and personal perceptions on operations and school supervision of school

Consultants Influence People

  • Assist clients in building networks
  • Assist with concerns when consulting is finished
  • Build a climate of trust
  • Listen to others and assist them to test their ideas and theories (principles to practice)

Consultants Assist in "Can Do" Attitude

  • Introduce examples of various child care success stories to encourage clients to be proactive
  • Assist clients to develop strategies to overcome barriers
  • Create a performance-oriented spirit within the team
  • Give feedback on concepts and ideas

Consultants Enhance Cooperation and Learning Environment

  • Create an environment that fosters communication and ideas
  • Identify and understand the dynamics of bringing diverse cultures together
  • Share best practices, solutions and management strategies
  • Encourage relationships between people to enhance trust and communication

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